Goshnamooneh, Food delivery platform for Al-Dashti food company based in Kuwait!

2020 Feb 11


Goshanmooneh is a food delivery system developed for Al-Dashti-Al-Alamieh food company based in Kuwait which delivers users quality food from different types and categories of restaurants. Users can choose between a set of food categories and find the nearest restaurant offering that kind of specific food. They can place their order and choose a delivery method after online payment for their order.

Goshnamooneh also launched the first self-service ice-cream and Arashweb helped them to run a customized loyalty program which led to an increase in sales. Later we launched a daily contest which Goshnamooneh offered daily prizes for the most-liked photo on Instagram. We also developed custom Instagram bots to find the daily contest winners automatically and list them on the Goshanamooneh website.

Goshanmooneh mobile app was developed using the Ionic framework. It was powered up with the Django framework for the back-end system. We used the Kanban methodology for project management.