Elaboard kindergarten system, Helping parents know their kid’s stats in New Zealand!

Mobile app
2020 Feb 11

Elaboard kindergarten management system is a reporting tool helping both kindergartens and parents keeping track of kids inside home or kindergarten. Elaboard helps parents to record their kid’s daily activities. These activities include eating, sleeping, and more. They can also record activities like singing, drawing, dancing and etc.
Benefiting kindergartens to get rid of all those paperwork Elaboard helps to record every aspect of a kid’s daily activity with only using an iPad or an Android tablet. It keeps track of kid’s activities and shares it with their parents using a visual tool called “daily snapshot”.
Elaboard project was developed using React for the kindergarten’s panel and parent’s panel. We used react-native for both mobile apps on both sides. We benefited from Django, Python in developing the back-end system. Also, we used Trello and Toggl for project management and time tracking. We integrated scrum with agile methodology to deliver the project in the least possible time with our current resources.
Elaboard, with the slogan “because we care for our children” aims to launch in New Zealand this March for the pilot test and get into the real business by the end of the second quarter this year.