5 tips on creating a landing page | Turn your visitors into buyers

2020 Mar 21

In this article, we are going to discuss 5 tips on creating a landing page. Landing pages are great tools to help your potential customers introduce your main product or service. Remember this means only one product or service. These users might have come to your website with paid traffic, e.g., google ads, Facebook ads, or even your social channels. So they might not have any clue about the service you offer or the product you try to sell. Landing pages are great opportunities to help you introduce your service briefly and guide through a path that ends up buying from you.

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Here are 5 tips on creating a landing page that helps you convert more. These tips are covered from 1 to 5, So you need to make sure you include each of them in the right order on your page.

  1. Headlines, bullets in the form of words.

    5 tips on creating a landing page

    So as you probably guess the first important point you need to reassure that you have included inside your landing page is the headline. Headlines are strong and bold words that mainly determine if your user gonna continue reading your page or not. Headlines must be short and just like a bullet they should go straight to the point very fast. In fact, most headlines are less than 7 words. So be sure that you have a great headline at the top of your page above everything else.

  2. A form of media, right under your main headline.

    5 tips on creating a landing page

    The next thing that you need to put inside your landing page just below the headline is a form of media. It can be a very charming and comprehensive image or better yet a video that explains your product or service you offer. Remember to keep this video shorter than 3 minutes. You need to state the problem, offer your solution, demonstrate your service or product and show a clear path on how to buy that service, aka a very clear call to action.

  3. Benefits of what you offer, not features.

    5 tips on creating a landing page

    The next thing you need to mention is all the benefits that your product or service has for and individual or a business depending on your target audience. By Benefits I mean the solutions to their problem because nobody cares about how many hp a car has but they care how fast it goes from 0 to 60. Features of a product or service are important but they are different from its benefits. So make sure you include all the benefits of a product like saving money or ease of use. You can add objections if there are any objections or questions for your product or service but try to keep it short.

    Objections usually are the main questions that your typical buyers share or the main weaknesses that you can defend. You can add these objections in the form of questions followed by appropriate answers. Remember that objections are not FAQs but they are mainly your product holes that need to be covered by strong answers.

  4. Call to action, show them how to start.

    5 tips on creating a landing page


    Next, you need a call to action very clear and very neat. It can be a link to opt-in to your newsletter subscription or a gift giveaway. Always include a gift or some kind of free stuff to help your audience become more willing to buy from you. In this section, you can add a button or a link that goes directly to your payment method.

  5. Testimonials, people trust each other faster.

    5 tips on creating a landing page

    Always add testimonials to prove that you already have a bunch of happy customers. You can add this part in various forms like a text and a photo or a video of your customers explaining why they like what you do. This is an insanely great tool to build trust with your customers who know nothing about you and have not heard of what you offer yet. By adding this section you can help your visitors to feel more confident while buying from you. Also, Stories integration can be useful

Extra tip!

5 tips on creating a landing page

Well, all the mentioned tips above are necessary for a landing page to work well. If you miss a section from above be sure to add it to your own landing page. To build more trust with your landing page visitors, you can choose between a set of options but here we use guarantees and certifications for an instance. A money-back guarantee or any other form of satisfaction guarantee is highly advised to be included in the page. If you are offering some sort of satisfaction guarantee or any sort of other documents provide them here to show your customers that there is no need to worry about what they are buying.

You can download an exclusive free sample wireframe design that includes all the necessary sections for an astonishing landing page that helps you introduce your product or service. It also includes all the 5 tips on creating a landing page from this article so you can always have it as a memo.

What other tips can you think of? comment below and share it with others.

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