Scrum roles

Scrum roles: Get to know Scrum roles in less than 5 minutes

Get to know Scrum through Scrum roles. Scrum is a framework for project management. It is usually used in IT teams and startups. Software companies ranging from ...

5 tips on creating a landing page

5 tips on creating a landing page | Turn your visitors into buyers

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Perfectionist way of doing things | Top 10 pros and cons

Perfectionists and how to deal with them. | Top 10 pros and cons of doing the tasks perfectly.         What is perfection? Who is ...


Goshnamooneh, Food delivery platform for Al-Dashti food company based in Kuwait!

  Goshanmooneh is a food delivery system developed for Al-Dashti-Al-Alamieh food company based in Kuwait which delivers users quality food from different types and categories of restaurants. ...


Elaboard kindergarten system, Helping parents know their kid’s stats in New Zealand!

Elaboard kindergarten management system is a reporting tool helping both kindergartens and parents keeping track of kids inside home or kindergarten. Elaboard helps parents to record their ...


Vamonos, Let’s go! – Ride sharing app for Medellín, Colombia

  Vamonos is a Ride sharing app. targeting Medellín city in Colombia. It helps users to find the nearest taxi and share it with others that have ...